Monday, May 04, 2009

Business funding @ no Cost to You

Sound too good to be true.

Well it's not, and this is why.
Below is a break down of how it works:
~For companys that have bills of $100,000 per month,
~We will pay your bills with-in the 1st week they are issued
~You reimburse us in 60 days

Its that easy!!!

You can be set up in a few days

Q. Why set up this program?
A. ~Help your vendors - by paying Net 1 day it cost less for them to do business with you.
~More profit in your pocket because you get to hold onto your cash for 60 days expand that to a year and it will add up fast
~It cost you nothing!!!
~Additional Profits for you - we will share the discount with you
~Expand business you do business with that may not have been able to afford to do so in the past
~Cost Our program is UNSECURED & NO COST TO YOU

Q. Why would a company 'not' implement this funding program?
A. Great Questions! This program is a Win Win for everyone involved.

Q. Does the program take over my payables department?
A. The only changes would be ~Payable terms ~Remittance address...Whenyour company recognizes invoices a payable that data will be electronically sent to us to pay your vendors immediately. it's a simple process.

Q. Is it really that easy to implement?
A. Yes, we can have the program up and running in a few days.