Monday, July 20, 2009


CTI prominence in the market shows how important Accounts Reciviable Financing/Factoring is.
They are a $76 billion in assets company. And talk about there financial instability affecting over 1 million companies.

CIT was more than a Factoring company it was a:
~Debt Restructuring
~Refinancing debt
~Trade Finance
~Transportation Finance
~Fleet Finance (managing over 300 Aircraft)
~Vendor Finance - private label programs, merchandising support, portfolio purchases, and tax-exempt/municipal financing to equipment manufacturers, resellers, vendors, and dealers in diverse industries around the world.
~Bank based in Utah
~Insurance Services
~Equipment Leasing

From what I can gather ~Home mortgages ~Student Loans and ~Credit to Commercial Customers is what is weak links at the moment.

Even with the diversity in there portfolio they were not able to starve off a disruption in there business. Some articles are stating that there business model is wrong. But they don't go into detail.

CIT has said its bankruptcy would put 760 manufacturing clients at risk of failure and “precipitate a crisis” for as many as 300,000 retailers, according to internal documents.

I have access to the other 20% of Factoring funders that are still in business.
These business that are blaming CIT, must understand that there are other options.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Business funding @ no Cost to You

Sound too good to be true.

Well it's not, and this is why.
Below is a break down of how it works:
~For companys that have bills of $100,000 per month,
~We will pay your bills with-in the 1st week they are issued
~You reimburse us in 60 days

Its that easy!!!

You can be set up in a few days

Q. Why set up this program?
A. ~Help your vendors - by paying Net 1 day it cost less for them to do business with you.
~More profit in your pocket because you get to hold onto your cash for 60 days expand that to a year and it will add up fast
~It cost you nothing!!!
~Additional Profits for you - we will share the discount with you
~Expand business you do business with that may not have been able to afford to do so in the past
~Cost Our program is UNSECURED & NO COST TO YOU

Q. Why would a company 'not' implement this funding program?
A. Great Questions! This program is a Win Win for everyone involved.

Q. Does the program take over my payables department?
A. The only changes would be ~Payable terms ~Remittance address...Whenyour company recognizes invoices a payable that data will be electronically sent to us to pay your vendors immediately. it's a simple process.

Q. Is it really that easy to implement?
A. Yes, we can have the program up and running in a few days.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fred Smith, CEO of FedEX recently spoke at the Common Wealth Club in SF. You can hear his speech at the link provided below.

In his speech, he described how a company because "an overnight" lowering of their credit limit by their bank was not able to fulfill their customer's orders. In this example, Fred points out that because of the reduced access to money, both the company and their customer were struggling to keep afloat. This example illustrates how the financial and business sectors are intimately intertwined and any unexpected disruption can lead to:

~Business Failure
~Reduced Tax Revenue
~Loss of Jobs

I'm here to say that this didn't have to happen at all. There are funding programs, outside the traditional banking system, that can supply cash very quickly for many situations like the one above. Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing. This is the selling of a company's receivable accounts at a small discount to a Factorer, who then assumes the risk of the account debtors.

AR Financing could have helped the company in Fred Smith's example seamlessly securing the necessary funds rather than struggle with the burden of the reduced bank credit.

Fred talks about a plastic parts manufacture. Check this link for Fred Smiths Audio